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Can they really hear me?

April 29, 2017
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Can they really hear me?

It’s often been said that if we send out a thought it will be ‘heard’ by those in the next world. I send out those thoughts pretty regularly, as I’m sure you do too. Often they take the form of a request for healing, perhaps for a loved one (human or animal), or for the needs of the wider world, especially in areas where war, human rights abuses and deprivation are rife.

I caSue portraitn’t know if these thoughts of mine actually make a difference – how could any of us prove cause and effect? Sometimes I feel as if I’m just talking to myself (which I suppose could be therapeutic in itself) but I continue to send out the thoughts in the hope that they’ll do some good somewhere, somehow.

I’ll lay a pound to a penny that I’m not alone in feeling a frustration about this ‘I-wonder-if-they-can-really-hear-me’ routine. And that’s never more true than when the thoughts I’m sending spirit-side concern a sincere request for guidance about something that’s troubling me deeply.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not one of those who expects the spirit people to drop everything and find me a parking place. If anything, I find myself cringing when I hear people bothering those in the Higher Life with requests to sort out situations that are frankly utterly trivial.

Just imagine a sudden mass exodus of highly evolved souls from an inspiring lecture in the hallowed Halls of Learning, all rushing around with the single mission of providing John or Joanna with the pound coin they’ve forgotten to bring for the supermarket trolley. I don’t think so!

Yet when it comes to something important, something life-changing, something desperately difficult to come to terms with, leaving us feeling lost and floundering, it seems both reasonable and appropriate to appeal for guidance and wisdom from those who have moved on to the next stage of existence and may now have glimpsed a slightly bigger picture than we have. My guide, your guide, for instance?

Getting down to brass tacks, if we ask sincerely and trustingly for guidance from the unseen world in relation to, say, an unprecedented or highly challenging situation in our lives, what is it reasonable for us to expect or hope for? A hint while in the sleep state? A sign or symbol unexpectedly revealed as we go about our daily routine? A message from a medium? A trusted friend inspired by the spirit people to bring the right words or actions at just the right time?

What are the qualifications/job description for being a spirit guide? We can’t know, of course. We can only make what seems a logical assumption that those who have chosen (or been chosen?) to guide us through our earthly journey must necessarily have a bit more wisdom than we do. And if they don’t, what’s the point of having a guide? Trades Descriptions Act – I want my money back!

Many of us have benefited from one or more of the above at some time in our lives. But in my own experience it’s a relatively rare occurrence. No matter how heartfelt my plea for guidance, silence often reigns. Sometimes deafening silence.

And that brings me back to where I began. Do the spirit people really hear the thoughts we send to them? And if so, is it a bit unrealistic, even unfair of us to assume they will always hear and want/be able to respond? Let’s explore that a bit further – with yet more questions . . .

question mark image for blog

There may be no ‘earthly’ time in the spirit world, no clock counting down the minutes to the next appointment, such as there is in this material world, but personally, I can’t buy into the idea that the spirit people – even personal guides – are available the equivalent of 24/7 to respond to our thought requests.

Don’t they have a continuing life of their own, their own spiritual development/interests/tasks to occupy them? With that in mind I’m going to assume that the spirit people may in some circumstances be ‘unavailable’ to us – a kind of spiritual ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on the door.

And if that’s the case, how can I ever really know that our spirit friends have heard my ‘knock’ on that etheric door – that my ‘thought request’ has reached its destination?

I’m not a bit clairaudient but I can hear what some of you are thinking: ‘Isn’t she a doubter!’ But actually, I’m not – I don’t doubt that at least some of my spirit-side thoughts arrive safely. And that leads me to my final question – at least for today.

It’s frequently been said that we are here in this earthly life to learn lessons to advance our soul’s progression. Doesn’t that suggest there will be times when my ‘thought pleas’ for help or enlightenment will indeed be received but go unanswered in the interests of a lesson I’m meant to learn?

And if that’s true, I’m right back to square one. How do I tell the difference between a thought that hasn’t arrived and one that’s being ignored for my own good?

Look forward to reading your answers in the comments box!

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